How to use CSS tricks in your web design

19 Aug 2014 / eatheatre

T-shirts for Events

People that are building small sites for their events, you need to make them catchy! I quickly wrote something over the weekend; I didn't review it, so sorry for spelling mistakes. You may want to pass this onto your developer.

CSS has helped designers reach a number of different styles that once could only be done by images. Although CSS seems kind of confusing it is really very simple and easy to learn once you get the hang of how it works. With CSS you have much more streamlined web pages. They are more useable and easier to design.

By combining and compressing your JavaScript files and CSS you are actually making you site run faster. With gzip this can be accomplished and it will help your site load faster and you can still edit your CSS and JavaScript without having to re-compress the files.

To avoid Clickjacking attacks use clickjane.CSS to reduce security vulnerability. Such vulnerabilities like phishing scams and user interface redressing can be prevent by using this tool.

  • As CSS3 becomes the new standard you can use you sites type to vertically align inline images.
  • With CSS centering uses liquid layouts left and right margins to make the CSS compatible with all browsers.
  • Keep your footer in place using CSS can be quiet difficult but it can be done. Footers are supposed to be underneath the content.
  • Making fluid images with a little bit of CSS property has become easier. It used to be that your images would fixed-width elements and would disrupt a fluid layout, but not anymore.
  • Why not create a Polaroid Photo Viewer with CSS3 and JQuery. Even though CSS3 isn’t compatible with every browser yet it works with most so the design element can be seen by the majority of the people.
  • Apply different style sheets with CSS that will be recognized I different browsers. This prevents form your site looking bad in unsupported browsers.
  • Overlapping the menu can be a creative element to add to your site and you can reorganize the navigation items using the z-index.
  • Want some super awesome buttons try using CSS3 and RGBA. Create a sexy set of buttons with some simple CSS3 magic that doesn’t add a huge impact to your code.
  • Make some snazzy pull quotes with some simple CSS. You can create left and right pull quotes while still maintaining your standard block quotes style.
  • Want that special font face? Why not use the CSS3 to embed fonts without having to use images.
  • Most of these tricks are super simple to accomplish. They provide style elements that you wouldn’t otherwise have and make your site more attractive. If you think you know all of this, then how about visiting the CSS Tricks website and sifting through their extensive library of information.

    Why You Should Never Use the Same Promo T-Shirts for Annual Events

    17 Aug 2014 / eatheatre

    T-shirts for Events

    The time of year has come around yet again for your company's annual event. It is the same event every single year so there are plenty of things that you will be bringing to the table this year that you have brought along with you every year.

    Perhaps the booths, exhibit tables, presentation displays and handouts will be the same. You might even be using the same name tags and certificates. However, the one thing that should never be the same year after year is the type of custom event T-shirts that are used and distributed to the attendees. Why would repeating yourself in this regard be such a horrible idea?

    "I Already Have The Same One at Home!"

    The last thing that you want your event attendees to say is, "I already have the same one at home!" when they look at your custom promotional T-shirts. Perhaps they are a long-time employee that has been to this type of annual event at least a few times. When they receive their promotional shirt, they might not hesitate to leave it behind or even give it away to somebody else in order to prevent themselves from ending up with a bunch of duplicate T-shirts in their wardrobe.

    "I Really Don't Want One!"

    Another saying that you do not want to hear from your event attendees when they see your custom event T-shirts is, "I simply don't want one!" Perhaps it is because of the fact that it is the same design and layout as what you used last year. On the other hand, it could be a different design that simply is not captivating enough to compel someone to want to wear it at all.

    Keep in mind that you want to make sure that the design and layout of your custom promotional T-shirts is attractive and appealing to the point where your event attendees would not feel ashamed or embarrassed to even wear those shirts out in public.

    "What in the World is THAT?"

    If you looking for an extreme response that will make your jaw hit the floor, it is when your attendees take their first look at your custom promotional T-shirts and the primary design used on it and simply say, "What in the world is THAT?" Perhaps the layout of the design is poorly organized and looks like it was organized by a child. Maybe the actual design itself was poorly created and looks like it was made by a child. Neither one of these viewpoints are positive. Actually, they should both be avoided by any means necessary.

    The best way to do that is to trust in the professional team of experts at 24-Hour T-Shirt. This team of professionals are trained and thoroughly knowledgeable & experienced when it comes to designing custom promotional T-shirts for all sorts of different events and corporate functions. Let them know what your ideas entail and 24-Hour T-Shirt will help you to create a set of custom event T-shirts that will have all of your event attendees simply saying "WOW!"